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I have been drawing since I was a little boy, and I remember my first subject was Mighty Mouse. This would have been in the early 60's. My dad was a pretty good artist himself and he'd help me along with my "drawings". I loved deer and other wildlife and showed my love for them in drawings in elementary school.

When I got older and out of high school I took private lessons from Robert Rumel to better learn to draw/paint what I saw. We used photos for reference and Robert was very good at teaching me to not think of the subject as a dog or deer, but to think of it as a body of shapes and angles with positive and negative space. Basically he taught me how to use my eyes, to learn to draw what I see.

Even though I love to paint and sculpt, recently it has been difficult to find the time needed to finish a painting or sculpture, and that's where graphite pencils have come in. As an artist, I've always loved to draw. I also love the look of pencil on paper, and recently was encouraged by Mike Branscum to pursue a course in gun dog drawings. I met Mike only two years ago when I read about a fine line of pointers that he bred. I promptly put in an order for one of his pups and along the way did a drawing of one of his nice young dogs Spice. He seemed to really like it and encouraged me to keep drawing these wonderful creatures. That course has taken me to present day and only a year or so later I'm getting commissions from all over the country. I hope to field trial the pointers I've gotten from Mike and want to support field trial clubs when I can for the good they've done for the fine gun dog breeds we have today. I love drawing these beautiful specimens of athletic design, as well as watch them do what they were born to do, hunt and find birds.

I've drawn, painted, and sculpted mule deer, falcons, dogs, human figure, and many other subjects, so if you're interested in me doing something for you just give me a call or send me an email.